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HOLLIS BROOKLINE ROTARY ALSO supports the more demanding Rotary Long-Term Exchanges (ten full months spent abroad). In each year the Club sponsors just one inbound (foreign) and one outbound (only Brookline- or Hollis-resident) exchange student, both of them for the full academic year. The inbounder attends HBHS and lives with two or three Hollis- and Brookline-resident families. The outbounder lives with families in the one of the approximately 40 countries in which she/he will live and study.

Hollis Brookline Rotary's Short-Term Exchange is a family-to-family program in which a local family and a foreign family each host the other's child (between the ages of 15 and 18 1/2 years) for a few weeks each. These short-stay exchanges happen during the summer. Exchanges can be arranged with most countries for not less than three weeks and not more than six weeks each in the U.S. and in the foreign country. Applications should be completed early – by mid-January 2018 if possible – for the best choice of destination countries! To apply, or just for more information, email or call (978) 743-6143 !

TIMING IS EVERYTHING! IT TAKES A surprising amount of time to prepare the application, to go through the screening process, and then to get ready to go out (or to prepare for the arrival of the foreign student, when he/she comes here first). And of course high-school students (and their parents!) are some of the busiest people in the world, so grabbing their attention for the necessary chunks of time is a challenge. The short-stay application is due in mid January, so – trust us – it is NOT too soon to start the application process for a summer 2018 exchange!